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Advice on Spline models

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05-08-2013 05:51 AM

Hello, Please help with a few questions. (could not get the new support request system to work)


we are using Sim Mech 360 to model two splines. one connected to a pile and the other to a collar, the one connected to the collar has some moment forces applied to it.


1) how do we best set this up? using remote load? I have tried this and cannot seem to get it to work, is there an issue here with the splines being "brick" elements?


2) we wish to simulate how this rotational force will effect the splines, if it would cause uplift and cause them to separate (female lifting vertically off of the male) is this possible? what would be the best way to approach this? MES? Using Contact surfaces?


Note: the two pairs of contacting surfaces have currently been modelled 24mm apart, as two 12mm plates will fill this gap, should I as model these plates or can this be simulated also?


I can send a model if required.


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