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Add preload to full bolt model?

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12-15-2011 10:46 PM

In reading through the help section I see the option mentioned to, Model the fastener with brick elements.  Basically import a model of the bolt, most likely simplified, and use it.  I've done this in Ansys Workbench and applied preload to the bolt model.  Is that possible in Simulation 2012?  I know we can apply preload to a beam element representation of a bolt, but I wanted to do it to a simplified bolt model.


If it can't be done directly are there any recommendations of how to fake a preload on a bolt model, like with thermal loads or a separate external load?


Thanks for the help.

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Re: Add preload to full bolt model?

12-16-2011 01:01 AM in reply to: lardj

Hi ladrj,

I suggest to not model and import the bolts, just use the bolted connection generator (see help files or web wiki for more inofrmation) inside the Simulation software.





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Re: Add preload to full bolt model?

12-16-2011 05:05 AM in reply to: lardj

This is the WIKI page talking about bolt/fasteners/beam pre-load etc., even a little bit modifying bolts in CAD models.


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