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2D CFD analysis mesh error.

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01-02-2011 09:02 PM


How could I solve below error message?

-------Error message-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 FATAL ERROR - Face normal magnitude =0 at element 15135
               Node ID= 76 95
               Possible bad mesh or from pyramid splitting.

**** ERROR could not make C:\Users\leed\Desktop\Temp_Desktop\model-01-1.ds_data\1\ds ****
  unknown error (16):
  Input data may have wrong boundary mesh or illegal elements.


1. Which function should I use to find bad mesh or element?



Duck Lee



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Re: 2D CFD analysis mesh error.

01-10-2013 11:12 AM in reply to: Duckjae.Lee

I had this exact same error while performing a 2D CFD problem. 


My solution was: I had drawn my 2D model in the X-Y plane but had not changed the gravity acceleration direction (within the solution tab) to the -Y axis.  The gravity was still directed in the -Z axis, per the default, and this generated that exact error.


Your problem may actually be due to a irregular element, I can;t say for sure.

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