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2015 MES analysis error due to file name.

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05-13-2014 03:06 AM

MES analysis fails, when a file name contains period. For example same STEP models are

named 'LPlate1.stp' and 'LPlate.1.stp'. The two files are different only names (same geometry).

Former step model can be succesfully performed MES analysis, but later step model cannot.

Is this a technical issue in ASMECH 2015?


Two step files and two archive files are zipped and attached.


-----Log message of MES analysis for 'LPlate.1.stp' is followings;


Autodesk(R) Simulation Mechanical Event Simulation (MES)
Version 2015.00.00.0517-W64/X64 26-Feb-2014
Copyright (c) 2014, Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved.

** Error: the model is not available for this type of analysis!
** Error (-2)
** Job started : 0-00-00 00:00:00
** Job finished : 2014-05-13 18:51:54
** Total elapsed time : 0 (seconds)
!! Program aborted !

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Re: 2015 MES analysis error due to file name.

05-15-2014 12:49 PM in reply to: amatsuda



Thank you for pointing out the issue, it does appear that this is a issue with the program.  I have logged this with development.  If you currently have a model that has a period in it, the simplest solution is to use Save as and save the model under a new name without any decimal points.




James Kubli

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Re: 2015 MES analysis error due to file name.

08-29-2014 07:31 AM in reply to: amatsuda

I have been having the same issue.  We use Creo / ProEngineer, which save the file format as model.prt.3, where the number is the instance of the model.


I can get the analysis to run by erasing the instance number (model.prt) in Windows Explorer.

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