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Hi Dean,


In ASCA 2014, is it possible to run the Material Manager in "Batch Mode" within Linux and access the new material options that are available in the GUI?


More specifically, are there any new commands for the different weaves? Chapter 5 of the Material Manager Users Guide for Batch Mode processing makes no reference to these new material types and furthermore, the material output seems to be a v5.5 type material.




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Reduce xSTIFF runtime

Status: Future Consideration
by Product Support on ‎08-06-2013 06:05 AM

xSTIFF takes much longer to run in v5 than in v4.  Can anything be done to reduce runtime for large input files?

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I'm having a very strange problem with the xstf.exe. This is a standalone program (outside of being partly dependent on Abaqus inputs to get an inp file) correct? Everytime I run xstf on a file right now, Windows claims it needs to be closed or debugged. Could this be an installation issue? I've checked multiple times that the user defined material (it's uni-directional composite so it's pretty easy to define) is being called is correct and have changed where it lives (the asca.env file was changed to reflect the changes) to see if there was some permissions problem because I am on a university computer, but I've not gotten it to work. I've tried making the material through the gui as well as directly with a batch file, and that hasn't helped either. The picture shows the issue it throws when trying to run it. Thanks for any of the help given...

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Specification of Initial Damage

Status: New Idea
by bryan.williams on ‎05-21-2014 06:08 AM

Per "Modeling Damage Tolerance in Composite Materials"


It is possible to specify initial conditions for element state variables (SDV1) but not the state of individual layers or integration points. When modeling each ply discretely with 1 element, this is sufficient. However, when using shell elements this only gives the analyst two options: All plies have matrix failure and all plies have fiber failure. I would like the capability to say the first 3 plies have fiber failure and the last 6 plies have matrix failure.


This will allow me to start my model with better accuracy in my initial conditions.


Also, please see my comment that I added to the help article above.




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Compatibility with ANSYS 15

Status: Future Consideration
by jt1000 on ‎01-08-2014 01:14 PM

When can we expect a compatibility of ASCA with the new version of ANSYS (release 15.0)?
Is there any way (FIX or update) to enforce compatibility between current ASCA version and ANSYS 15?


The new ANSYS release has introduced many significant improvements to composites modeling (e.g. submodeling with ACP) so that it's really worth using, but unfortunately ASCA 2014 doesn't recognize it. 

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When you allow ASCA/Helius to take control of the convergence in ABAQUS (*CONTROLS) - if the solution gets into a repetitive pattern it will not abort this and will just carry on until the 1000 iterations has been calculated.


Can you add a detection for a repetitive SDI/equilibrium pattern?

Status: Under Review
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When xStiff is run, it significantly modifies the "layout" of the input file. For example, whitespace is deleted, letters are capilized, etc.


Ideally, xStiff would only add the stiffness parameters to the input file and the remaining bulk of the modified input file would be identical to the original input file. 

Status: Accepted