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Work Flow to Simulation CFD

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09-05-2013 09:09 AM

I drew a CAD model of a water tunnel with my geometry installed in the tunnel using Inventor Pro 2014.  I then used Inventor Fusion to add the water volume in the tunnel.  Fusion could not open the .ipt file created by I.P. 2014 (it sent error reports to Autodesk) so I saved the CAD drawing in a DWG file which Fusion successfully opened.  Fusion added the water volume and when I saved the result the dimensions of my tunnel changed from 60 inches to 23.6220 which is 60 divided by 2.54 making the dimensions decameters.  Simulation CFD then ran fine but my Wall results have the wrong units.  I tried to save Fusion results in the dwf file format with the correct dimension units and Fusion can not find it.  Also I dimensioned the overall water tunnel features and locked them.  When I saved this result the dimensions were changed by 2.54 again.  Should Fusion be able to open an Inventor .ipt file? Must I always use metric units?  Is there some file corrupted in my installation?  I have reinstalled I.P. and Fusion.  Any assistance would be most appreciated.  Also, when Sim. CFD starts three or for licensing errors occur and then the job runs.  Is this normal?  Finally when I try to run a job on my "Cluster" Windows says something about a CMUD error. 


Please help this newbie get up and running.


Thanks Mike



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Re: Work Flow to Simulation CFD

09-08-2013 11:54 PM in reply to: mikesnidersnider
Your best bet here would be to simply 'cap the model' within Inventor and bring it straight into CFD from there. We will fill any sealed chambers with fluid automatically.
Cap it by adding new solid parts that are extruded out from the inner dimensions of the tunnel. Typically we use 5x diameter in length.

It looks as though your dimensions changed from metric to imperial - just change this back within CFD (right click on the units on the top left of the screen). As long as CAD and CFD have the same units set as default there should be no issues in the future here.

There should be no licencing error's no. Are you running the analyses from a local drive and not a remote one? This is highly recommended.

What type of licence do you have, is it a paid or educational? It might be worthwhile posting a help request just for the licencing within the Installation and Licencing forum, as there definitely should not be any popups.

Kind regards,

Jon Wilde