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What is the best method to section a 3D assembly to perform a 2D CFD analysis?

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02-20-2013 10:59 AM

We have a 3D assembly - created in Pro/ENGINEER WF4 - that we would like to run a simple 2D CFD analysis on.  The tools in Pro/E do not make this simple.  We have tried Inventor Fusion, but the section function is only visual.  What is a good way to get a section of a 3D assembly into Simulation CFD to do a 2D analysis?

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Re: What is the best method to section a 3D assembly to perform a 2D CFD analysi

02-25-2013 01:53 PM in reply to: gordon.walker

You are correct that 2D models using ProE is not the most straight forward process and you would have to use Mechanica for the launch process.


I would go back to Fusion and create a sketch along the 2D plane that you want to model, this is different from the visual tool that you descrirbe before.  


 A few notes about doing 2D analysis:

1) They need to eventually be located along the XY plane.

2) You CAD model can only include the 2D surface and the 3D componenets should be removed.

3) Keep in mind the in your simulation the 'depth' of the model is going to be 1 unit of your unit system. For instance, 1 meter thick if you are running in meters.

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