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Vector Settings in Decision Center

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12-18-2013 12:08 PM

How can you adjust the vector settings when comparing two different design studies in the Decision Center?  I need to increase the vector density and increase vector size to make them more visible.  I am trying to compare airflow at a very specific location on my model, but the vector density is so low that no vector paths are even showing up in the region of interest.  These regions are shown below.  


The vectors in the two views below are different, so it seems there must be a way to change the vector settings to customize them for decision center.


Thank you


 screenshot decision center.png

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Re: Vector Settings in Decision Center

01-02-2014 04:28 AM in reply to: davidgwoolard

First create the vectors on the plane with desired density by adjusting Grid spacing in vector settings in any of the scenarios and then take the summary image. You should then have that vector density in all scenarios in summary image. I don't think there is a way to change the density in the existing summary image. Also, showing the projection vectors (XZ,YZ etc) may make it easier to understand the flow pattern.


That said, a quick peak at your image indicates a coarse mesh. You would want to do the mesh independence tests to make sure you have appropriate fine mesh. 

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