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_U_ Entities when importing Parasolid from Solidworks

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What are entities with "_U_" in their names? They always appear as Part1_U_Part2_U_....



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Re: _U_ Entities when importing Parasolid from Solidworks

07-17-2012 01:44 PM in reply to: nicholas.nadeau



Part names assigned in Parasolid- and Acis-based CAD tools appear in the Design Study Bar.

The naming convention of a part is based on the parent assembly and parts that surround it. For example, a part called small-chip is a member of a sub-assembly called left-board_asm. This part is immersed in a part called test-box. The part name in the Design Study Bar would be:



The “U” indicates that the part SMALL-CHIP is surrounded by the part TEST-BOX.

If a part is used multiple times in an assembly, an instance number is attached to the part name. In the example above, this part was the fourth instance of the part SMALL-CHIP.

If the geometry was not launched from a CAD tool, the part names are a combination of the CAD part name and any part that completely surrounds it. The name of the part listed above would be:



In some cases, the actual part name (without the surrounding part or assembly) is listed in the Design Study Bar. This is typically because the part is surrounded by an automatically-created flow volume.

Note that internal core parts that are created by Autodesk Simulation CFD are assigned the generic name volume. This is because such parts were not created in the native CAD tool, and hence did not have a name. Also, the name of internal core parts are not used within the names of other parts they completely surround.

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