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Two questions

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06-26-2012 11:44 AM



I have two questions, unrelated to each other.


1. Is it possible to perform 1 way or 2 way FSI simulation using Autodesk Simulation CFD? If yes, then is Autodesk Simulation (Algor) used for structural analysis? How the pressure/Temperature data mapped to Algor? Using files export/import?


2. I am interested in using Autodesk Simulation CFD for ventilation analysis. Which thermal comfort modeling techniques are available to find out room ventilation effectiveness?




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Re: Two questions

07-02-2012 02:33 PM in reply to: VD1

Hi VD1,


The answer to both your questions are covered within the help system here: http://wikihelp.autodesk.com/Simulation_CFD/enu/2013/Help/0138-The_Proc138/0384-Results_384/0398-Tra...

Currently, Simulation Mechanical/Multiphysics is not support for FSI.


For your second question I am going to point you in this direction :http://wikihelp.autodesk.com/Simulation_CFD/enu/2013/Help/0407-Learning407/0726-Guidelin726/0767-The...


Let me know if you have any follow up questions!



Royce Abel
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