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Trying to create my first simple airflow simulation

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01-16-2013 05:01 AM

Hi everyone,


after creating some stuff in Inventor, I wanted to take a deeper look in one part. I´m interested in the airflow in a specific part and how it behaves.

I looked around and found, that CFD is free for students too and thought: "Think this will work."


Sadly, I don´t really have a clue how to get things started in it. I browsed through the tutorial section and watched a view videos. But it seems, that I´m doing something wrong, as my results are some kind of nothing.


I have configured the materials, assigned boundary conditions (think there´s the mistake), autodefined the mesh (not sure what it´s good for) and run the solving. But nothing really happens. So I think my conditions are wrong set.




I have made a quick scetch of my part I want get analyzed. It´s really simple. Just something like a pipe, formed as a "T". The airflow starts at the lower point, indicated by the blue arrow and gets seperated in the "pipe".

So I´ve set my conditions to "air flow" and put the value in it. But it seems I´ve selected the wrong surface/volume/what ever.


Any tips?

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Re: Trying to create my first simple airflow simulation

01-16-2013 06:47 AM in reply to: Nokthra

Hi Nokthra,


As a new user I would suggest that you do the basic training first.  It is available online and free!



This will help you to understand most of the workflow, clicks/picks, and a rudimentary CFD background.


After going through this training I would suggest that you look at the analysis guidelines.  This is a great starting point for just about any model that you are starting to setup.


For instance, your description points me in the direction of internal incompressible flow analysis.



From there you could look at some of the example models.  A great one which is basically the reverse of your problem is the faucet example.  This has two inlets to 1 outlet.



Give all that a try and let us know how it turns out for you!




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Re: Trying to create my first simple airflow simulation

01-18-2013 05:42 AM in reply to: Nokthra



thank you very much! In my first attempts I missed to created some void volume it seems.

Now everything is working fine and I got some decent results.