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Total heat flux boundary condition

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05-07-2012 06:38 AM

Have a simple question - when I apply a total heat flux boundary condition to two surfaces, does each surface get the heat flux value I put in? e.g. if I put in 300W as the total heat flux and pick two surfaces, does inventor split the 300W into 150W and apply 150W to each of the two surfaces?




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Re: Total heat flux boundary condition

05-11-2012 07:36 AM in reply to: gauravsuri

"Total heat flux" refers to the fact that the heat flux is the total for a given surface and not assigned on a per unit area basis like it is in the "heat flux" boundary condition. When applying a total heat flux boundary condition, that total heat flux magnitude will be applied to each surface you have selected.


For example, if you have two surfaces selected and then assign a total heat flux of 300W, each surface will be assigned 300W netting 600W of heat.

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