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Thermal Simulation with Convection Velocity results are questionable

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11-12-2012 01:09 PM

I ran a study of an object with added insulationt hat was heated from inside.

Per CFD guidance, the BC was 0Pa + 2W/m^2K film coefficient on top surface of the properly dimensioned Ambient Air Volume.

Got the results, but the max velocity seems like not very realistic - .004mm/sec.

Secondly, when I dropped the insulation (.02W/mK), the heat flux did not increase that greatly so, logically, it would not make any sense to use it at all, but in reality the benefit of insulation from the previous design is trully appreciable.

What could be the problem?

Hoping to hear from Royce Abel - still have very fond memories from his helping me out on several occasions.


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Re: Thermal Simulation with Convection Velocity results are questionable

11-12-2012 02:11 PM in reply to: St.AlexXIII



What is the temperature rise that you are seeing within the model?

Are we supplying sufficient heat to generate an appreciable flow field in the domain?

What does the mesh look like between the heated component and the surrounding air domain?