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Thermal Comfort Calculation

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03-07-2013 01:38 PM

I'm interested in how thermal comfort results are calculated, specifically PMV and PPD. Are they based on Fanger's equations directly, or a modification thereof? I'd like to know if there are any assumptions being made. I know you can control metabolic rate, but what about clo?




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Re: Thermal Comfort Calculation

04-03-2014 11:23 AM in reply to: stephanie.egger

Hi Stephanie, apologies for the late reply, but I just came across this thread while searching for something else.


Does this help: Thermal Comfort?


Edit: updated link.


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Re: Thermal Comfort Calculation

04-09-2014 05:22 PM in reply to: ryan.arnaudin

Thanks for the reply Ryan. At the time I needed clarification for my research. I've since moved on, but am still interested in the answer to my original question. 


The link you sent does a great job at describing the parameters of thermal comfort, but I was interested in the parameters Simulation CFD considers for thermal comfort. For example, is there an assumed clo value in the PMV and PPD calcuations SimCFD uses? 

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Re: Thermal Comfort Calculation

04-11-2014 12:56 PM in reply to: stephanie.egger

This is in the link that Ryan supplied (specifically here)

But when you enable Thermal comfort you must specify some values.

Metabolid rate




We do have default values placed in there however it is adjustable based on the assumptions you're trying to match

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Re: Thermal Comfort Calculation

07-03-2014 11:25 AM in reply to: apolo.vanderberg


I have tried to solve some problems related to thermal comfort. One thing wasn't fully clear to me that thermal comfort factors are adjustable but if I have more then two occupant in my Scenario with different metabolic rate or clothing,how can i setup my conditions then? Does thermal comfort factors like metabolics rates have any features to assign to model's in scenario?

Thank you!

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