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Temperature profile in laser lab

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12-14-2012 07:33 AM

I am attempting to show the temperature distribution in a laboratory that has a laser on a table that dissipates 12 kW of heat to the room. The laser is apparently sensitive to temperature gradients.


I put a total heat generation of 12000 W on the table volume and 200 btu/h on the cylinders that are representing the lab workers. The velocity/flow results look accurate but I'm getting temperature results of over 1000 degrees F in the room ( I have attached a results plane of the temperature).


Supply air at 44 degrees F enters the model via a ring of perforated diffusers around the table.  Exhaut air exits the model directly above the table. I set the solver to auto-forced convection.


Is there something that I'm doing wrong with the boundary conditions/mesh/or solving set up to get such skewed results?

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Re: Temperature profile in laser lab

12-19-2012 01:15 AM in reply to: adowney



Please could you be more specific about the setup, materials/boundary conditions (BC's)

Be sure there are no internal surface BC's, just the volumetric heat loads.

Is air set to variable with gravity on?

Have you checked: the scale of the model?




Jon Wilde