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System with different heat-zones

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04-09-2013 12:29 AM

I have a system (see added image) with multiple heat-zones.

There is an air-stream entering my system with a temperature of 1150K and a velocity of 10m/s.

At the output my temperature is about 300K. In the "middle" of my system I have 800K which is fix and unchangeable!

I have multiple heatpipes in my system and want to know how both, airstream and temperature behave if I change some factors like size and position of my heatpipes - which are positioned "in" my system. (heatpipes are not in my sketch) I have no information about the velocity in the "middle" of the system - only the temperature is known.


Can I somehow create this situation in CFD? I have my geometry and data but don't know how to tell CFD that at about half the way my air will only have left 800K. Input and Output are easy going but this part keeps me busy and gives me headaches.


I would be very thankful for help!







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Re: System with different heat-zones

04-09-2013 02:11 AM in reply to: m2pawa

Hi m2pawa,


Might I suggest the solution lies in trying to match reality as well as possible?


What removes the heat in reality to hold the air at 800K?

If it is heat pipes as it sounds like it might be, you would need to do something to remove energy from the air. The simplest way would be a resistance part, to represent heat pipes, to which you could apply a negative heat load.


With this method you should be able to closely match reality and could test this by measuring the temperature at the same point you are seeing 800K in test. You could then move/tweak the resistance part to suit.

Jon Wilde
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Re: System with different heat-zones

04-09-2013 03:41 AM in reply to: wildej

I will try to do that, thanks.