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Simulation CFD Data Plots Export

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07-02-2014 01:12 AM



I have started using Simulation CFD for modelling wind within an urban form, and am very impressed with what it can do!


The solution I am now looking for is getting the wind (m/s) out of Simulation CFD across the city area on a 1 x 1 metre grid, at 1.2 metres from ground level. 


Is this built into Simulation CFD or do you have to create your own XY Plot file? I see you can set a grid (and the dimensions you would like) for trace lines, but cannot see this feature for a grid across a plane that has been set.






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Re: Simulation CFD Data Plots Export

07-02-2014 10:14 AM in reply to: VictoriaT

Hi Victoria,


Try this:

  1. Add a cut plane to the results model and position it to your 1.2m mark
  2. Edit the plane to change the visual appearance to shaded grid
  3. Use the grid spacing control to adjust to 1x1m grid
  4. Click save table to export as a CSV file and process as needed