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Sim CFD add-in for inventor

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04-18-2013 01:02 PM



i have an issue with Autodesk Simulation CFD 2014, previously i had installed Sim CFD 2013 and the add-in for inventor was available, and now i have Sim CFD 2014 and Inventor do not have the Sim CFD 2014 add-in.


I hope anyone could help me, i guess i have to perform some steps to get the add-in correctly installed.


P.D. when i mentioned the Sim CFD add-in for inventor im talking about the Sim CFD tab to launch Inventor models in Sim CFD.



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Re: Sim CFD add-in for inventor

04-22-2013 12:24 AM in reply to: gochoats01

Hi, this thread should have some answers for you. Have a look.




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Re: Sim CFD add-in for inventor

04-22-2013 06:09 AM in reply to: ilyas

The manual way to install your inventor launcher if the configuration program fails:


Open up CMD from the start menu


cd C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Simulation CFD 2014\Launchers\Inventor

regsvr32 -i SimCFD_2014_Inventor.dll




Royce Abel
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Re: Sim CFD add-in for inventor

11-16-2013 06:15 AM in reply to: Royce_adsk

Should this work with Inventor 2010? I get the following error on a 64bit win7 machine:



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