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Revit to CFD

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12-17-2013 11:39 AM

Hi all,


I'm looking for some information how to use a Revit MEP model in CFD!

- Which families of Revit MEP are useable?

- Are there movies or tutorials about how to use a Revit MEP model in CFD?

- Are there sample files?

- Is there someone who can share an example file?

- Is there already a topic about this question?

- ...?




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Re: Revit to CFD

12-18-2013 02:32 AM in reply to: joris

Hi Joris,


There are guides on our Wiki.

We will read through everything you have on screen when you launch into CFD - best to start off simple and build up the model as you go.


Kind regards,


Jon Wilde
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Re: Revit to CFD

12-23-2013 01:52 AM in reply to: wildej

Dear Joris,


- As Mr Jon as instructed, you can follow Wiki, which leverages all required info. Also, try the Quick start Tutorial (AEC) to know abt Applications of CFD in Building Industry.

- You can consider, SIM TV which has videos explaning about CFD by Experts in several areas like,

  - Revit to CFD (Simplfying Model)

  - How CFD can be useful in Energy Consumption & etc

  -Use following link



- If using Revit & CFD on same machine, you can have CFD icon available within Revit to transfer your model directly into CFD environment.


All the best for Good start-up !


Kind Regards,


Microgenesis India.