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Results from Remote Solver Not Viewable

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12-12-2013 01:56 PM

Hi there!


I recently ran a simulation via a remote solver within my company's network. I decided that I wanted to stop the simulation before the analysis was complete. It was a free surface transient analysis with 0.2 timestep size and I was saving every 5 steps, or every 1 second (assuming that's how it indeed works). Anyways after I stopped the analysis prematurely I check to ensure that the remote solver was indeed done with the file via the Job Monitor window and it confirmed that the analysis was "completed" successfully. However when I went to open the Job that I had just finished solving remotely none of my iterations were saved. Have I done something wrong or do I need to let the Simulation solve completely uninterrupted? Please let me know if you have any ideas.


On a different subject I have also been running into the problem that there is not enough memory on the solver computer's C: drive to save all the steps thus causing the "Solver to quit unexpectidely" The computer has an E: drive that has 2 TB worth of free space. Is there a way that I could have the program save the steps in a folder on that drive rather than the C:?