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Required velocity as simulation result

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11-23-2012 04:40 AM



I am looking what simulatin CFD is capable of, and i have a question:


Say we use Faucet example model we get with instalation. I know I what to get 30C water running from the tap outlet. I know I have 50C hot inlet, and 7C cold inlet. Is there a way to find out what velocity I need for input to get desired temperature in the outlet?


This question should sound like: Can I find out what Boundary conditions should be to get desired result, insted of adding  boundary conditions and simulate to see what happens?


I see there is Boundary conditions "unknown", maybe it could help?

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Re: Required velocity as simulation result

11-23-2012 08:13 AM in reply to: valdas

Hi Valdas,


Not at present no. 


What you could do is run a batch of simulations using the clone feature, all with differing flow rates and then run a comparison to find a trend, fit a graph and extrapolate to the desired figure.

Jon Wilde