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Rename Planes and Points, etc?

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12-31-2013 08:03 AM

Am I missing something?  I don't seem to have any way of renaming planes.  Its very hard to keep track of which is which.  And when you make a summary plane, sometimes it makes it "Summary Summary Plane 3" which I just don't get.





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Re: Rename Planes and Points, etc?

01-02-2014 03:41 AM in reply to: sgold

Scott, there is a (not-so-simple) way, that I know,  to rename planes.


1) Go to Results >> Planes. 

2) Go to View >> Selection List. A box will now be visible with all your existing planes.

3) Double click on the names and rename.


I know the easiest and most logical way is to give an option to rename in the tree, but then, you can't have it all! 

Try logging this to Idea Station. Maybe it will be considered for future iterations. 



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