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Printing Problem - Help Please

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09-27-2012 07:40 AM

I'm trying to print a summary image in the design review center, but it just prints a megazoomed chunk of the screen. I can't find anything to adjust that. I've got two images in a double pane view and I'd really like to be able to print and share that view, but I'm coming up very short. I know this is simple and I must be missing something obvious, please help a dingbat out. Thanks.

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Re: Printing Problem - Help Please

10-05-2012 11:54 AM in reply to: smandel

Not sure why you're having the problem, but a few suggestions for work-arounds:


  • Use the PrntScrn key to copy the screen to the clipboard, then past in Word or Paint to print
  • Use the Static Image export to save a jpg (or other), then print from your image preview software
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