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Plot multiple points from 2D transient simulation

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12-05-2013 12:07 PM



This is probably so easy to do that I can't figure out how to do it. :smileyembarrassed:


I have performed a 2D transient heat transfer analysis (no fluid flow involved) with Sim CFD 2014. I would like to plot the temperature at two (or more) points in the model versus time. What I have tried is:


  1. "Results > Results Tasks > Points" and defined the multiple points. But the "View Plot" command only plots one of the multiple rows I select in the table; it will not plot more than one row at a time.
  2. "Results > Results Tasks >Planes > XY Plot". The plane of the 2D model (XY) cannot be chosen for the orientation of the "cutting" plane; that is, the option to put the cutting plane normal in the Z direction is disabled. The normal vector to the cutting plane is forced to be in the XY plane. Also, I think that XY plots are the result along a path for 1 time step, not the result versus time.
  3. "Decision Center > Summary Points" appears to plot two (or more) different designs and/or scenarios. I only have one scenario.

I did not see this idea mentioned in the Idea Station, so I'm guessing that it is possible to do. Thanks.



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Re: Plot multiple points from 2D transient simulation

12-09-2013 03:10 AM in reply to: AstroJohnPE

that does only work by exporting the data and using Excel.

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Re: Plot multiple points from 2D transient simulation

12-10-2013 02:35 AM in reply to: AstroJohnPE

Have you tried creating a monitor point? You have to create it at the beginning of the simulation though. You should be able to see the progression of temperature at that over time, by selecting the point instead of "Global" under output bar, and also export it to Excel as csv.

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Re: Plot multiple points from 2D transient simulation

12-10-2013 06:50 AM in reply to: AstroJohnPE


Yes as Omkar mentioned we have a couple methods of doing this.


There is the Points dialog (under results) that will allow you to set an XYZ location and only plot across any saved intermediate results for a single scenario. This can then be set as a Summary plot and used to compare between design/scenarios.


The XY plot will allow you to type in values to create a plot going across your model. This will show the data for that timestep (not as a function of time).

The Planes we do not allow for being "Normal to the Z" we have had a couple people ask this previously and I believe there is an IdeaStation post on this if you'd like to kudo it to raise its awareness to the Product team.


The best method for getting all of the data across time is a Runtime Monitor point. This can be done from any of the Setup tasks (right click off the model and go to Monitor Point) this will show up in the Output Bar with the Convergence Monitor. To the right we default to showing the "Global" results, but as you add runtime Monitor POints they will show up there and will allow you to see Velocity, Pressure, Temperature as a function of every iterations