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Please Help: How can I meet hot and cold air to increase the velocity

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10-25-2013 05:54 PM


What I'm trying to do is to simulate the air speed increase when cold and hot air meets. I cannot set up the real world conditions.

Here are the real world conditions: The environment conditions are 20 degrees celcius. I have a thin copper tube crafted as shown below. Left part of the tube has the walls cooled to 0 degrees celcius. Right part of the tube has the walls heated up to 100 degrees celcius. The air flows at 15 m/s velocity from the left side and I want to compare ammount of air speed increase in the middle part with the air speed increase when no walls of the tube are heated/cooled.



I'm new to Autodesk CFD and CFD simulation, I don't know it can do that but I believe it does.

So far on Autodesk CFD I have set the environment conditions to 20 degrees. Added temperatures on surfaces as boundary conditions,  added velocity speed for inlet and pressure for outlet. When I run the simulations it does show the velocity increase but it's the same as when are no temperature boundries on walls.





Tried heat transfer, initital conditions, setting material conditions..looked youtube and tutorial docs for this situation but could not sort it out.

Could you please help me on doing this? 

Thank You




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Re: Please Help: How can I meet hot and cold air to increase the velocity

10-29-2013 01:43 PM in reply to: alihanbilir

Be careful with the Mesh through the thickness of the domain.


Looking at your screen shot it did not look like you had Heat Transfer turned on (under the Solve dialog - Physics).

Also with this situation you would more than likely want to make sure we are accounting for the density variation as the temperature changes such that your material's environment should be set as Air[Variable] vs Air[Fixed]