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Moving solids during analysis

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07-17-2013 08:35 AM



I am potentially looking at modelling a system that involves a few moving parts. Now I have never done anything as dynamic as this with the software, setting transient settings to thermal properties is the furthest I have gone.


Is this even possible? If so is there a tutorial I can work through to familiarise myself with what the capabilities/limitations are?



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Re: Moving solids during analysis

07-18-2013 07:44 AM in reply to: pthickett


 Yes, check out our Tutorials. We have a couple motion models.
There is an axial check valve as well as a centrifugal pump (that uses a rotating region).

This should get you started with moving bodies. Take a look at the Wiki Help on some of our Motion Guidelines as we do discuss some of the meshing details and best practices for doing this type of modeling.


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