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Moving Components in Motion CFD

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05-07-2012 07:14 AM

I have the following problem:


A valve with its cone should open or close according the current pressure situation. The special thing is another small kind of check-valve directly inside the so called main-cone. The main-cone is able to make a stroke of max 80mm, whereafter the check-valve is only able for 6mm stroke. The main-cone makes a stationary movement, what means that he can move relating to coordiante system (CS) between to fixed axis-value, here Y-axis. If the main-cone moves just say 10mm of stroke and i assume, that the check-valve has not made any stroke so far (stroke 0mm), the complete group of main-cone and check-valve made 10mm stroke relating to the CS (10mm + 0mm = 10mm, CS). Now the check-valve makes a stroke of 6mm the effective displacement of this check-valve relating to the CS is 16mm in Y-axis.


The movement-borders of the check-valve is 0 and 6mm directly connected/related with the main-cone. Globally the main-cone makes a stationary movement (CS) but the check-valve stroke depends on the main-cone stroke.


The support answered me, that they (CFD 2012) are not able to make any relationships between two or more moving solid components.

Does anyone have some other ideas how to make such a simulation in CFD motion?


Markus Zwirner
Mankenberg GmbH

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