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Meshing issue

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10-17-2013 09:46 PM

We are using Autodesk Simulation CFD for Pump flow simulation. And we are facing the following issues from the latest release of Autodesk Simulation CFD 2014 :


1)      While creating a new study from the XT file or from the previous version study of CFZ file, it automatically creates one more extra rotating  region which is not created in the previous releases

2)      Assigned Material for the rotating region also removed from previous version study.

3)      If mesh count is more than 2.5 lakhs, software doesn’t tell the status of meshing during the volume meshing task. Hence we could not able to proceed further.

4)      How to find the mean velocity from the impellers OD ?

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Re: Meshing issue

10-18-2013 02:36 AM in reply to: texmoindustries



1) Are you not able to import directly from the CAD package? This is rather strange when launching a previous version though - do you have a subscription contract with us?

2) Same as above, did this come from CFD 2013? It is strange that data was lost

3) Are you running this from you local hard drive? Do you have full security rights to the CFD installation folder? (C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Simulation CFD 2014). This might be a cause - just right click and ensure that the 'user' account has full access to the folder.

4) There is not really a way to do this - you can only really use cut-planes showing the velocity. Perhaps you could use ISO surfaces and move the slider to identify the velocities at the tips?


Kind reagrds,


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Re: Meshing issue

10-21-2013 05:43 AM in reply to: wildej

I've seen that v2014 imports stuff that v2013 omitted, i.e. surface parts included in an Inventor solid part. Maybe check your model for surface parts.

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Re: Meshing issue

10-21-2013 10:01 PM in reply to: wildej

Please post this to CFD portal,Thanks for your replay Mr. Jon

1)      Yes, we are having AMC with you & to know the result accuracy  difference between V2013 & V2014  the same set up  file was tried.


3)      We are running from local hard disk with Admin rights.

4)      If it possible please  incorporate to find the mean velocity in periphery in the next release.