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Meshing advice for rotating devices

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08-30-2011 07:57 AM

If your simulation contains a rotationg device (rotating region) the meshing process usually takes more time since there have to be several additional calculations at the beginning of the analysis. If there has to be furthermore some investigation in different meshing options / mesh sizes the following process may help you to reduce the time needed for this:


- set up the simulation (with the rotating region) and the mesh sizes

- clone the scenario and assign for the clone the fluid material to the rotating region(s)

- Generate the mesh (/solve for 0 iterations) and evaluate the mesh

- if the mesh is appropriate: delete the clone and solve the original scenario

(- if not: repeat the procedure and make sure to change the mesh sizes for the original scenario)


A different approach would be to tune the mesh at the beginning for one scenario and at the end (after the mesh has been successfully created) specify the rotating region.

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