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Internal volume - help

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12-06-2012 04:25 AM

I am a new user and I am having trouble defining internal flow volumes, I am trying to repeat a similar exercise to the AEC tutorial on another room type. I have a defined room model and have tried defining a volume and selecting this in fusion. No luck. It is not immediately obvious how to patch and create volumes in Fusion. Is there a tutorial somewhere that can help with this task.



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Re: Internal volume - help

12-10-2012 12:10 AM in reply to: davidhymas

To be honest, the best approach is to 'cap off' the model with solid extrusions over any openings where flow can enter/exit (3x dia on inlets and 5x on outlets). This way you will have well developed flow entering and avoid any recirculation over the boundary where the exit is (this can cause solver instability). 


Once you have a hollow but 100% sealed model, launching it into CFD will cause the internal volume to be created automatically.

Jon Wilde
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