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Installation of 2013

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03-31-2012 09:43 AM

Simultion 2013 is now up an running but it was another adventure in licensing... After failure to download and compile the various increments I had to call support and they sent me a composite file within 20 minutes. Great! but, the server name was in all capital letters. So... I thought it would be a simple matter of changing the server name (the server is the same machine running the application). Not a good idea.


Fortunately I run Simulatiion CFD in it's own boot environment (I use a second boot or another PC for everything else) so I simply reformatted the partition and reloaded Windows 7... plus the service paks and drivers. Then loaded the latest FlexLM tools with the provided license file and Simulation 2013 installed and ran without a hitch.


I am now running 2012 models in the 2013 environment to check the installation and it seems all is OK. Clearly the user interface has changed but, is the mesher and solver the same as 2012?



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Re: Installation of 2013

03-31-2012 01:44 PM in reply to: dbowman

Hi Dennis.. Glad to see you are up and running. Licensing is definitely different than what we had in the past.


With regards to meshing and solving. Various things have changed.


The mesher is faster (~2x), we implemented adaptive meshing option and you will notice that the mesh settings are captured in the tree (history based meshing)


On the solver side - it's faster as well anywhere from 2-35X depending on the physics. We also added a new advection scheme option. ADV1 is still the default, but for most problems, you will see accuracy and speed performance with ADV5.


Here is a link to the docs for the What's New.. http://www.cfdesign.com/OnlineHelp/2013/New/Whats-New.htm


Feel free to post questions and the team can provide the additional info you need.