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How to save a model mesh?

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02-19-2014 11:18 AM

Hello. I made calculation with automatic mesh sizing. How to save this mesh for further use?


For example, I did «Cycles to run» = 5 and run the calculation. As a result, I got 5 of calculations with different mesh. Let's say I like the mesh in the third analysis (Scenario – Mesh 3), the grid satisfies the necessary accuracy of calculation and isn't very small (there will be faster calculation). How to save the mesh of "Scenario – Mesh 3"? I want to carry out the analysis with other boundary conditions, but I don't want to do analysis with automatic mesh sizing again.


It is necessary to clone "Scenario – Mesh 3" and to change boundary conditions? Or it isn't right?



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Re: How to save a model mesh?

02-20-2014 02:34 AM in reply to: DenPopov

Yes, you would clone the scenario. In new scenario your mesh remains the same and you can change the boundary conditions. If in case you want to try out a different geometry, you would clone the design study itself, and while importing the geometry thorough the CAD software, "update the design study" with the new geometry.