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Help with running an Axial fan simulation

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12-08-2013 07:18 PM

I have a simple model of the ceiling fan I am trying to model but I am terrible at CFD and dont know what I am doing. I am going to attatch the model of the fan if anyone wants to try. Id prefer getting pointed to a tutorial but still. Im lost. Ideally id test the fan at 100, 150, and 200 rpm. When I run it it seems to view the inlets and outlets as walls and thus creates a net zero airflow. How do I make it so air freely comes in and out?

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Re: Help with running an Axial fan simulation

12-09-2013 06:27 AM in reply to: robbyryder

Hi Robby,


Youe best bet is through using a rotating region, check out the guidelines here. If you are happy to run it withina tube, I would have 5x dia upstream and 10x downstream as a starting point.


Also make some simplifications to this model, close up the gaps and avoid regions where curves meet walls like this, creating a tough to mesh infinitely small angle.




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Jon Wilde
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