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heat transfer through a house

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09-07-2013 12:48 AM



I'm currently working on a project for uni which involves studying the heat transfer through a basic model house due to solar radiation. 


I'm investigating it using a transient response. So far my solar heat flux appears to be on the right track - I get higher rates of flux on the walls which are exposed to the Sun and I also get a similar result on the slab due to a window opening.


However, my temperature results either consist of a uniform temperature or blotches of higher or lower concentrations. I expected it to be similar to the solar heat flux results. I'm also not get any heat transfer through my walls to the interior side.


Another thing I'm interested in is the way you can model the heat transfer through a house. Currently I have built a model house within a large external box to simulate the environment and added appropriate boundary conditions such as radiation, temperature etc. I then use the solar heating function from the solve ribbon to simulate my location.


I'm interested to know whether it is possible to achieve the same results without an external environment and solar heating but rather input time dependant data such a temperature through a boundary condition using a transient analysis.


If anyone can offer a little advice for any of these questions it would be greatly appreciated.











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