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Generation of License file(s) for the CFD 2014

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06-24-2013 12:49 PM



Depite I've been happy with using the CFD 2013, a new turbulence model added in the CFD 2014 attacted me and forced me to update to the latest one. I'm having a trouble to remember everything now to install and generate the license file(s). 

From both the 2012 and 2013, I see only three pairs of Serial Number and Product Keys (for 2013 for example):


Autodesk Simulation CFD Connection for Parasolid 2013 Multi-Lang 18 (SN, PK)

Autodesk Simulation CFD CFD Motion 2013 Multi-Lang 18 (SN, PK)

Autodesk Simulation CFD Design Study Environment 2013 Multi-Lang 18 (SN, PK)


and I don't see the SN and PK for the basic solver of the simulation CFD 2013 (or 2014) from my "Coverage Report".  

Does that mean the Simulation CFD 20xx needs only those three pairs of SNs and PKs?

My recollection when I upgraded to 2013 says I've used SN and PK of "...Design Study Environment..." to install Simulation CFD (it automatically installed Inventor too) and then generated license files for the three above and appeded them to an existing license file. 


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Re: Generation of License file(s) for the CFD 2014

06-25-2013 01:25 AM in reply to: csjhun



I am not 100% sure what you are asking here.


I can confirm that for 2014 (and 2013 in fact) you do just need those 2 pairs of serial numbers and product keys. You only actually need the product key once when you install (use the Design Study Environment one).


The motion solver gives you access to all solver functions.


Are you able to log into the subcription centre to create a new licence? You would need to create one for each serial number and then merge them together in a single text file.

Jon Wilde