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Frustrated with the queue-runs-with-unreadable-results issue in SimCFD 2012

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11-22-2011 06:59 AM

Simulation CFD 2012 has been giving me quite a headache in terms of the queue runs where no results are readable.


I have 3 designs with 1 scenario in each design. I mesh and run each scenario to 50 itertations to ensure everything is working. I will then put them in queue individually through each scenario and click solve button for another 6,950 iterations to get a total of 7,000 iterations. I close the user interface and let the runs finish overnight.


I come back in the morning and see the s7000 results file in each of the scenario folders. But when I open the user interface, it only shows me the 50 iterations that has completed the day before. The scenario shows the visual results of the 50th iteration but the option to select other iteration results in the general user interface is empty. The covergence plot also shows 50 iterations too. I click on the solve button and I see the s7000 option from the "Continue from" option. I set a zero run to continue from s7000 and the solver crashes and quit.


I also try to "export" one scenario as a share file and hope to see reabable/usable data but I still get only the 50th iteration visually with no other iteration results in sight.


Has anyone come across this frustating problem? I have to re-run the simulations while I am at my desk in order to get results. This makes the entire queue task meaningless if the results cannot be retrieved once they have completed the simulation.