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Fluid velocities in a cilindrical recipient, with an impulsor

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04-11-2012 05:04 PM

Hi Group, I need to carry out a CFD simulation of a cilindrical recipient (such as those where you boil potatoes), with a rectangular recimient, excentric to the cilindrican recipient shaft. 

How I could start?. I need to calculate the velocities of the flow, given the RPM's of the shaft. Please see the picture below. The liquid is water, and it fills 2/3 of the recipient height. 

This is a simplified version, because of the real problem is water with sand, but any help wiht water will help a lot.


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Re: Fluid velocities in a cilindrical recipient, with an impulsor

04-11-2012 05:47 PM in reply to: fundacion_e_imperio

You want to model the fluid inside the tank as well.


1. Assign material properties - - fluid and solid.

2. Boundary condition will be "slip/symmetry" on the fluid top surface

3. You want to apply the rotating movement of the stirrer under "motion"


These are very general guidelines. If you are familiar with CFD, the above will be a good start, if not. Might be good to ping support