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Flow simulation - Measure force on object

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12-21-2012 02:51 PM



I've created a flow simulation of an aifoil in a wind tunnel. I'm getting good results but I would like to know the forces/stress acting on the airfoil and how much lift it has. Do you guys know if this is possible in Simulation CFD and how it's done?



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Re: Flow simulation - Measure force on object

01-07-2013 01:38 AM in reply to: eric.vinjegaard

Have you tried Wall Calculator from result tab? I assume they give averaged values.

If you want location specific values, you need to enable the variables you are interested before running the simulation in "Result quantities" tab in Solve dialogue box.




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Re: Flow simulation - Measure force on object

01-08-2013 12:23 AM in reply to: OmkarJ

This is correct. Also ensure you have a very good mesh - adaptation can really help (CFD2013 and above) and running with Advection scheme 5 should also improve result accruacy.

Jon Wilde
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