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First simulation help;

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03-15-2012 12:15 PM

When i run the simulation it gets past verifying the model and in analysing where i get the following  warning: Warning! quit for zero loading:


 Ive read some other posts with similar problems  and have solved many issues already to get this point....  


I have attached the ipt file. 


I defined the input velocity (both cylinders on one side)  and inlet/outlets on the other. I have tried meshing it finer, and have excluded the inlet/outlet surfaces as well as prescribed velocity surfaces from the mesh. 

The only other problem i think i could have is I am unsure fully how to set up the simulation, and the add/row/column and what it all means. I kind of just based it off of others/tutorials.


It doesn't always save, but im using water as the fluid material.


Thank you for your help


My email is brandonSlien@gmail.com as another way to contact me.