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External Flow Setup

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05-09-2012 11:01 AM

I am trying to simulate an electronics chassis sitting on a table in a lab.  Each chassis side panel has 2 sets of pin clusters with a fan impinging on each pin cluster.  This is not really a natural convection problem, but it is not really a wind tunnel-type forced convection problem either, in the sense of air moving over the chassis from front to back. 


I created an air environment around the chassis, but it was either too small or I did not assign boundary conditions properly.  I assigned p=0 and T=55C boundary conditions to the top surface, but after a few iterations with Heat Transfer enabled the entire air volume was heating up significantly, except for the top surface of the air volume which was still at 55 C. 


So I am not sure the chassis temperatures I am getting are true since the air is not constant at 55 C.  Should I have assigned T=55 C to all air volume surfaces?  Or do I need to make the air volume larger?


I have attached 2 .jpeg files for reference.