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Change turbulence model upon resume?

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03-18-2013 06:12 AM

I assume this is a fairly straightforward question:


Can I change the turbulence model upon resuming a CFD analysis?  What sort of disruptions could this cause?  For example, I'm assuming the solver will need some iterations to do the auto-startup if switching from laminar to turbulent?


I have an scenario where the first part will be low flow (in the laminar region), but part two will include bursts of higher flow (into the low-Re region).  I'm analyzing a scalar mixing problem.  I have run part one in both laminar and low-Re turb mode and unfortunately my % volume scalar results are quite different at the end (~ 44% different).  Therefore, I'm unsure about the accuracy of part two run in low-Re turb mode following part one.

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Re: Change turbulence model upon resume?

03-19-2013 09:58 AM in reply to: gdais_user

Low Re model requires mesh really fine with Y+ values close to 1, since there are no wall functions. Are you sure about the mesh independence?