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CFDesign 2011 license server

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02-19-2013 02:35 AM



we're using CFDesign 2011. Yesterday, our license server "died".

I've installed the license server on a new hardware but the old license file doesn't work (because of the different hardware id). How can I get an new license file? Or is it possible to move or import the old license file to the new server?

All links to cfd-customer-portals are pointing to autodesk, but that seems to be a dead end.


I really need help, because our users cannot login anymore.




Markus Wendeler

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Re: CFDesign 2011 license server

02-20-2013 08:52 AM in reply to: MarkusWendeler2610

This question belongs in the Network Licensing forum. You would have gotten an immediate answer.  Instead I found you by randomly searching for license questions from users. 


In any case, you need to get a new license file for new hardware. 


Please call Autodesk Product Registration and Authorization:


1-800-551-1490 > Option 1 (English) > Option 2 > (Network)

Asia / Pacific: 65.6735.5688
Europe / Middle East / Asia: 41.32.723.9595

You will need to provide your serial number and ethernet ID of the new license server.

www.licenseparser.com > This will break down your current license file into plain english and you will find the serial number there.

You should download the lastest server tools here:



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Re: CFDesign 2011 license server

02-20-2013 10:46 PM in reply to: TravisNave

Sorry about posting into the wrong forum. I've tried to follow your suggestions, but I guess the problem is, that the our actual license is the original cfdesign license - so we don't have an autodesk serial number. Here's what the license file parser says: 

21-02-2013 07-31-55.png


Every license activation tool of autodesk wants to know the serial number first - so how can we use this without the number, or how can we get a new serial number or license? The hardware-id of the new server: 001018F74187. Name of the server: sv017.itmm.biz

I also attached the original CFDesign lic-file.


Thanks for the help. Markus Wendeler

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Re: CFDesign 2011 license server

02-25-2013 08:33 AM in reply to: MarkusWendeler2610

This forum is good for this kind of question since only the CFD team will be able to provide information about the old cfdesign licensing structure. The Autodesk Licensing Team probably not!

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Re: CFDesign 2011 license server

02-28-2013 06:44 PM in reply to: MarkusWendeler2610

Hi Markus,


Iam having the same problem as you. Our server phisically moved last week and we had the hardware id changed as well. Since then I cannot login on CFDesign, the license doesn't work.


My version is CFDesign v10.0 and I also need some help.


If someone could help us to get I new license file, that will be great.