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CFD to Mech

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01-17-2014 02:42 AM

Dear CFD users,


Can I please request information on following plz,


1). The bottom link for CFD-To-Mech "Pressure Mapping" from Exchange Apps -will it be included with Release 2015 CFD ???





2). More work arounds example would be required to understand the app. and utilise it to determine its limitations.


Many Thanks,



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Re: CFD to Mech

01-17-2014 07:09 AM in reply to: ajay.s


This is something that the development teams have been looking in to.


For #2 I'm not sure I'm following the comment.


You can use the app to map pressures from CFD to any Brick/Tet meshed Linear Static Stress model in Mechanical.

There is a video on SimTV of how to use it (here)



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Re: CFD to Mech

01-17-2014 02:18 PM in reply to: apolo.vanderberg

Can this add-in be run in a configuration where the wind tunnel is modeled in CAD, and I simultate the whole assembly, instead of using an external volume in CFD?


In  that case, can I just suppress the wind tunnel in FEA?  or do I need the two CAD models to match exactly?  Does it matter if the wind tunnel and part interfere or will that confuse the add-in?


I ask because I have tried this a few times now and it always hangs  where it says "This operation could take some time please be patient" (or rather, the add-in seems to terminate without notice, since CFD still responds).

I have been patient but there are no processes running and the add-in never finishes running.


Thank you.

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Re: CFD to Mech

01-17-2014 02:23 PM in reply to: nhahn
Also - do we need to avoid geometry modifications if CFD such as remove small surfaces?
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