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CFD 360 upload / download requirements

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05-07-2013 01:14 PM

When I used to run CFD on a dedicated server, I was able to stop it as I saw things go awry to change a boundary condition, perform additional iterations at the end, turn heat transfer on and off, etc. with relative ease.  Now that I'm running it in 360, I have to wait through an upload / download cycle for EVERY CHANGE.  Kind of obnoxious when running a simulation with a few million nodes and gigabytes worth of data, especially when it is uploading exactly what it just downloaded with only a boundary condition value updated.  Is there a way to manipulate the environment without having to actually UL/DL the job until you are happy with the simulation results?  I assumed the job was maintained on the 360 server side during this exchange.

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Re: CFD 360 upload / download requirements

05-08-2013 01:15 AM in reply to: RyanHolbirdGP

Hi Ryan,


This is a very good idea, although not something we can do presently. Can I suggest that you log a request in the CFD Ideas Station?


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Jon Wilde
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