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Re: Accurate Airflow model

06-13-2013 10:01 AM in reply to: wildej

I have tried ADV2 as well. Initially it seemed to be okay then started to converge like the attachment showed. There are thin resistances simulating inlet and outlet grills. They would be about 2mm in depth. I have tried tightening mesh on these but it doesn't change the convergence plot. I can only select the type as a resistance, I don't know if it is set to surface or volume. Is there a way to check on cfdesign 2011 version? On material selection I would specify the flow in the direction it enters the model, is this correct? Same with the fan.

The overall domain is a good bit bigger than the shown model, probably about the same distances again to each wall. As I said this has been set to a zero pressure, and a material selection of air.