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About Radiation Model

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04-16-2014 02:17 AM



Does Autodesk Simulation CFD only have one radiation model that is surface to surface?

The surface to surface model ignore the effect of absorption, emission and scattering.

Whether it may take a large difference to the results?

What's the difference between surface to surface model and DO model?

Hope anyone can give me some suggestion.

Thanks very much.


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Re: About Radiation Model

04-17-2014 10:11 AM in reply to: amy.jin

Hi Amy:

Participating media such as glass is modeled but gas is not.  Our radiation model is surface to surface assuming grey bodies.  Grey bodies reflect and emit radiate energy diffusely.

SIMCFD radiation model ignores scattering for participating media but takes into account emission, absorption, and reflection on the grey surfaces.

For HVAC applications it will not make a large difference as the air temperature is low. However, high temperature gas participation such as in furnaces can cause significant differences.

The DO (Discrete Ordinates) model is an approximation to the more computationally expensive Monte Carlo method. For HVAC applications, where surface reflectivity is not very specular, the surface-surface method produces comparable accuracy.


Hope this helps.