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open/look up/process the nodal values stored in the final results file

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by Contributor csjhun on ‎05-13-2014 02:19 PM


Since Autodesk CFD doesn't directly provide the Reynolds Shear Stresses (or Turbulence Shear Stresses alternatively defined by "[density*(velocity_fluctuation_streamwise)*(velocity_fluctuation_radia")]" in the postprocessing UI, I've been trying to manually calculate them by seeding the points in "Points" in "Results" and extracting the velocity components from the saved results. During the simulation I've setup to save the results at every 50 iterations (for a specific scenario), thus, total of 20 data points out of 1000 iterations were collected and manually calculated the Reynolds shear stress with the only "20" data points. For better results it should be more than that I believe, but the model size (and results files as well) is huge (> 2GB for each saved res file) and limits the saving interval. 


My suggestion is either AD CFD implements the Reynolds Shear Stress in the postprocessing UI or implement a way to get access to the final res file thus the users can manually access to the (time-wise) nodal data and calculate it.