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There are times where someone may want to visually look at flow traces through a model and then decide that based on the data (and coloring of the traces) they'd like to get quantitative data out. To do so manual entry of XYZ points would be required to follow along a specific streamline.


It would be useful if we could select a single trace and state the number of subdivisions to then get an XY plot through the domain

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I would like to be able to adjust the number of iterations during solving so I can cause the simulation to terminate earlier or later than originally intended, but not necessarily right now.


So if I originally asked it to run 1000 iterations, but based on how I see the solution evolving now I want it to stop at 500, I would like to be able to enter that during solving.


This could be useful during automatic mesh adapatation cycles where the convergence is happening sooner or later than expected.  I may want the current cycle to terminate soon so it can go to the next mesh level.


Alternatively if I underestimated the number of iterations then I would like to be able to extend the run time without starting and stopping the simulatin - this is especially important for large files/remote solves.


Being able to adjust other termination parameters while solving would also be useful (i.e. stop time in a transient, as opposed to iteration number; adjust the intelligent solution parameters to looser or tighter criteria; etc.)



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by Abelry on ‎06-07-2013 12:39 PM

Build in some Undo functionality

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Improve the labeling for the advection schemes.  1-5 doesn't help, and every time I want to change it I have to go to the help file to remind me.  Put the name and/or a short list of what it's used for in the dialog box. 


Actually, to make it much more user-friendly make a wizard for different analysis types (internal compressible, pressure driven, AEC, natural convection, etc) that automatically pre-selects the right solution details per the help guidelines such as advection scheme, turbulence model, results outputs, etc.  This would be pretty cool now that I think about it. (Just let me skip the wizard if I want to.)

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It is not clear which fields on the edit dialogs are editable, as the table appears entirely flat aside from a couple ellipses that hint at dialogs:


     Materials Edit


However, when you click in an interactive cell its input control is then exposed. For example:


     Materials Name Selected


     Materials Material Selected


I am proposing these controls are shown by default so it is clear which fields can be edited, and in what fashion.

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Currently, if you want to change your units, when you already have results, you need to use a support share file.


It would be a better workflow if you could change your units in your active design study even if this had to delete the current mesh and results.

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Select Scenarios to Clone

Status: New Idea
by Product Support on ‎04-04-2013 03:14 PM

When you clone a design with many scenario sometimes you don't want to clone everything.  The ability to select clone all or clone selected so we could pick which ones to clone would quicken the cloning process.  One example you wouldn't want to clone everything is when you are cloning after running a model that you saved cycles with adaptation.

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I created groups during simulation setup, and I now what to access these in results. Currently this is only possible with wall results.


For example:

  • in an architectural application I want to show my structure group as a solid color while displaying vector and plane results through the space
  • in an electronics application I want to make my chip group all into summary parts



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I've noticed in many other programs.. for example in Inventor, if I open inventor and I have the usual blank screen with no files open yet.. I can drag a file from windows explorer to that blank screen.
That workflow acts as the same as "Open --> browse to the file --> Open".
That "drag from explorer to software to open" works in many other software packages, but does not work in CFD.
Is it possible for us to include that in the future?
See the screenshot below.


Drag from explorer to CFD UI.PNG


Thank you,


- Abdus Khan

Software Quality Assurance Co-op

Autodesk Simulation CFD

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list of planes

Status: Solution Provided
by Valued Contributor nhahn on ‎07-03-2014 08:41 AM

Provide in the ribbon a button to pop up a list of planes.


Reason: When I have many planes, or even two at the same location, it is hard to select the desired plane.  If they each had a number and were in a list (the list should show the normal vector too for identification) it would be easy to select the intended plane.  The list should allow you to add/delete planes directly.


Further enhancement: allow user to copy existing planes with settings intact.

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1. Make part names/numbers more flexible and readable.

  • It would be helpful to be able to rename (or create a display alias) and/or renumber parts in CFD.  When they come from CAD it seems arbitrary what order they are in, and if I change the CAD model the part numbers move around, and mess up my summary parts.  I know you can make rules for this, but it seems unecessarily complicated vs. just changing the name/number.  Also, sometimes the CAD names are not pretty or self-explanatory, and I want to show the CFD results to a client with a legend they can understand. 
  • It would be good to allow word-wrap in the design study browser so we can see long part names and BC names.


2. Allow some way to associate different parts from different designs to the same summary part.  Again, this is for when I add something to a model, or change a part in an assembly, and the summary parts no longer correspond. 


3. Improve the usefulness of the results part output. 

  • The wall of text is OK for model diagnostics, but it would be much better in a tabular form, and much more useful if it could be exported as a CSV or other data file type instead of text. 
  • Also, make this organized by timestep (or select whether it's sorted by timestep or part number).  Right now if I have 4 saved results, I get all 4 from part A, then all 4 from part B, etc.  Usually I'm looking for the latest.
  • Allow me to select which results to calculate. Usually I only care about one value, and don't want to see the bounding box etc. for every part every time.
  • Let me resize the bloody window so I can read the text! (this is everywhere not just here).

4. In the summary parts output,

  • Let me resize or rename the columns
  • Let me plot part values vs time step in addition to vs each other (would love to be able to do this without creating a summary part)
  • Let me show more than one result value row per part instead of having to choose from pulldown list.



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I want to be able to edit the part names of any geometry within the CFD UI.


In the Design Study Bar under Scenario 1 --> Material --> Unassigned --> ‘Part Name’, I want to be able to right click the ‘Part Name’ and I want a menu item which says ‘Rename’ (much like what is seen when ‘Scenario 1’ or ‘Design 1’ are right clicked).


See attached screenshots.


Thank you,


- Abdus Khan

Software Quality Assurance Co-op

Autodesk Simulation CFD

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Improved Color Maps

Status: Under Review
by Valued Contributor nhahn on ‎06-11-2014 10:21 AM


Please increase the number and variety of color maps available in the legend, and/or allow the user to import or create their own color map.  Even the limited legends in Sim Mechanical are more flexible and useful.


The present color maps are very limited, and out of date with regards to current standards of data visualization - and may even cause users to be in violation of accessibility standards.  In particular, the default rainbow map is:

(a) bad for color-blind users, a surprisingly large percentage of the population,

(b) bad because it artifically creates distinctions between regions while making it hard to judge real gradients.

(c) hard to use with the other color maps because they look similar but have different meanings.


However, there's not much alternative in Sim CFD at present... The greyscale color maps allow accurate visualization of realistic gradients, but are hard to see on neutral-colored backgrounds, and not very exciting.  The thermal color maps are good but only for very specific uses.


There are a ton of resources on the web for explaining why rainbows are (usually) not appropriate

- classic: Rainbow Color Map (Still) Considered Harmful

- shorter: How The Rainbow Color Map Misleads

- target audience: Why Should Engineers and Scientists Be Worried About Color?



As well as good sources for generating and specifying useful color maps, and which is appropriate wil vary depending on the use (Color Brewer is popular).  There are even ones that describe how to create a non-distorting disability-friendly rainbow (The Rainbow is Dead, Long Live the Rainbow!).


This seems like low hanging fruit and will keep people from turning to external software to do high value plotting of results.

Status: Under Review
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Some customers are facing the problem of license crashing due to network fluctuation.
Due to the license crashing they are losing the already completed iteration and have to start analysis again.
Added abilty where we can save all my completed iteration automatically without losing the data when the license is lost?  This it beyond the saved intervals options.  This would be the equivalent of click on the 'stop' button if the license was lost.

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I would like to be able to clone a results plane and/or copy settings from one plane to another.  For example, if I had a plane set up with vectors, shading, etc. at X=0, then I could clone it align it with Y for a consistent look.  Another use would be to make multiple cut planes (X=-1,  X=0, X=1, etc) quickly with the same settings.


A similar idea I suppose could be applied to isosurfaces.

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Show values next to convergence plot

Status: New Idea
by Valued Contributor nhahn on ‎07-03-2014 08:02 AM - last edited on ‎07-03-2014 08:04 AM |

Give the option to show current iteration values on the convergence plot.  Perhaps by the legend as shown below.  Provide a checkbox to turn this on and off.


Edit: it would be even more useful if these values could also be in the same units as the main window (i.e. if I am showing PSI for pressure, show the convergence value in PSI, not the analysis units).

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With many models, when you display a plane you will see the plane outline not only the perimeter, but the mesh edges as well.


This can be very distracting especially to a new user.


The primary workaround is to turn off the outline, but it is a hidden option that isn't easily found.


See attached picture for an example.  

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The following concepts were recently received from a customer interested in improved tracking of assigned heat flux and heat generation conditions:


  1. The boundary conditions for heat flux, heat generation should be capable of being named to describe what the particular BC is for.  So rather than have a non-descript term:  Total heat generation(xxx W)  I would like to edit it and say: Resistor R8 (xxx W)  or Transistor Q1 (xxxW).  It would make the model easier to check and edit as the BC would be more descript.
  2. The program should have a feature to check the total heat load going into the model prior to running the solution.  I know what the total heat load is and after assigning the heat flux or heat generation BC’s, I would like to make sure it totals what it should.
  3. The summary report/summary should contain this same information.
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ABORT button

Status: New Idea
by Valued Contributor nhahn on ‎05-16-2014 12:29 PM - last edited on ‎05-16-2014 12:32 PM |

I want an ABORT button.  For when you unintentionally do something which freezes the interface. 


So I don't have to wait 10 minutes for the 2 million vectors to show up that I didn't really want, like right now. And then wait 10 more minutes for 2 clicks to undo what I did.


EDIT: very often these seem to be slamming one processor but leaving the others alone.  For example, I'm typing this in firefox while CFD chugs.  So shoudn't there be some way to use multithreading to enable this without having to kill the interface?

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Currently, there is no indication if a group of volumes is a motion group or not from inside the design study bar so it is very difficult to determine if the model is setup correctly.  A different icon could help.