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I've learned to look at the lower left corner to see if its working through loading the results data after a run is completed and I've activated a scenario, but MANY times it is working on things in the background and that area is blank.  Computer is totally responsive, so I get the feeling that its not doing anything, but then if I let it sit all of a sudden it wakes up and starts crunching and then might show me its walking through the iteration #'s. 


For example, last nights motion run had 4600 iterations in total, 250 time steps and a large number of save intervals.  The job finished downloading from the cloud at 6am, its 8:30 now, and the desktop client should have had some sort of feedback that its crunching data.  Otherwise I think its stuck.  I changed scenarios and came back, it walked through the iteration #'s and is now just sitting there again.  I have NO IDEA if its ready or not....but I see there's an icon with the arrows in the circle telling me its not complete, but I'd had those stick around after a stuck analysis.  I also click on the solve and it says STOP, not SOLVE.  So from this I know its doing something.  Some analyses I've seen this to indicate its REALLY stuck, and others like this will just take a while.  I've got minimal CPU usage right now, so that gets me concerned.


So maybe two ideas:

1) Better feedback we're actively crunching results data

2) If all the work is being done at the desktop at this point, the power of the desktop needs to be utilized more, lets allow higher priority to get the work done and use more CPU.

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There needs to be some consideration taken to allow for reorganizing/regrouping analyses between different Design Studies.


I currently have a Design Study that has 4 analyses in it.  I coned one of the analyses and ran it.  When the results were complete, I tried to open it but the system crashed.  I was unable to ever get the results to load.  I could delete the folder with this analysis and get the Design Study to open, but then I didn't have my results.  Since it took quite a while to set up the analysis, I used the support file to run the analysis. I was then able to see the results in this new Design Study. 


So here's what I'm left with...  2 Design studies on the same project, all caused by your system not being able to see result your system generated.  Apparently at this point there is no way to move the analysis that worked and was viewable into the old Design study.  Thus, I cannot use any of the Summary features or any comparative analysis tools you provide and I have to manage 2 files instead of one.


As a side, there is also, no easy way to get my 15 cloud credits back when I'm not able to open the analysis files....



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Pause simulation to update model

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by RyanHolbirdGP on ‎05-08-2013 07:27 AM

When observing model results during the solving phase, one knows quickly if something is not right (boundary condition, material assignment, etc.).  It would be helpful to "pause" the simulation to update these issues and then resume or re-run without the need to download / upload the simulation results between changes.  The cancel option is useful sometimes, but the meshing procedure must be repeated afterwards.


Also, when a simulation is complete, there should be an option of making changes and resuming prior to downloading the results.  If, for example, I want to run additional iterations for flow or heat transfer, currently I must wait for the download to complete, make my updates, then upload the latest results for the simulation to "resume."  This wastes time and bandwidth.  Results on the 360 server should be maintained for some period until the user decides to download the results.

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Keep Text alert contact number the same

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by Contributor DelNegro on ‎01-15-2014 12:09 PM

I turned on text alerts to let me know when my analysis was complete.  The only issue is that the alert comes from a different number every time I get it.  Its a simple sequential number but it is pretty irrelevant and comes up as a number I do not know. When I got the first text, I set up the number as a contact titled "CFD Alert".  It would be nice if all the alerts came from the same number so I would know what they are just by looking at the contact.

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