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compute and display average quantity during run time

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by Valued Contributor pei-ying.hsieh on ‎06-12-2014 08:29 AM



When I run conjugate heat transfer cases, quite often I need to see how average temperature of a solid part ramps up (or down) during run time.  Currently, the only way to achieve similar to this is using Monitoring Points.  However, the Monitoring Point gives temperature of a "point".  Although, I can create several Monitoring Points on the part, but, it will be a lot easier if Autodesk CFD can have this feature that display average temperature (or some other quantities) of a solid parts (or domain) during running the case.


Yes, it is possible to save several results during the run and compute the data needed based on the datasets saved.  But, this will not be possible if the model is very big and need fine resolution in data points.